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When you retain the Mitnick Law Office to represent you, you benefit from Craig Mitnick’s more than twenty years of trial and litigation expertise, and as importantly, his deep-rooted and personal commitment to each one of his clients.

As one former NFL player, Eric Allen said when asked “Why did you retain Craig Mitnick”, Allen’s answer was “Football is like a huge locker room, we are all family. If my brothers have the trust and have the complete faith in an attorney that has had solid relationships with players for years, I feel comfortable. I know Craig personally and after dealing with Craig for the past year or so I will tell you there is a reason he represents over 1,100 players”.

The litigation and Claim Resolution Services provided by the Mitnick Law Office are devoted to enhancing the welfare and financial stability of former NFL players and their families for decades to come. Mitnick Law Office is located in Philadelphia, PA and in Haddonfield, NJ.

Craig Mitnick received his BBA in finance from Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia) and subsequently received his Juris Doctor from the George Washington University School of Law (Washington DC).

Mitnick began his career as an Assistant Prosecutor in two separate counties in the state of New Jersey. During the same time period, he also acted as a certified instructor of law and procedure at two countywide police academies. After leaving the public sector, Mitnick entered the private practice of law and created Mitnick Law Office in 1995.

From 2003-2007 Mitnick was contracted as an on-air legal analyst for Fox News Channel, Fox News Radio, and CBS.

Within his litigation practice, Mitnick’s current focus is the representation of former professional athletes who have been subjected to traumatic brain injury and other debilitating injuries. Mitnick currently represents over 1300 retired NFL players in the current “concussion” action against the NFL.

In April 2013, Mitnick was named one of the top 100 criminal defense attorneys in the country by “The National Trial Lawyers”.

Specialties include complex civil and criminal litigation, including traumatic brain injury matters, matters involving neuro-degenerative disorders, trial strategy and public speaking. The firm specializes in litigation, Class Settlements, and trial related matters.

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