Civil Litigation

“Our civil litigation personal injury and mass tort practice concentrates on maximizing financial awards for our clients”

Craig Mitnick

The purpose of Class Action litigation is to give the average hard working person the ability to hold accountable large corporations and private entities who engage in wrongdoings that in turn cause them personal harm. Mitnick Law is of the strong belief that companies and organizations that put profit before safety and/or privacy must be held accountable.

Our foundation in bringing together hundreds and thousands of individuals and placing them into a single lawsuit, allows for a better chance of success by creating more momentum and credibility than otherwise would exist in any individual suit.

Our Firm actively represents over 1200 retired NFL players in their concussion related claims that arise out of a Settlement Agreement reached with the National Football League.¬† The concussion related class action lawsuit has caused a fundamental change in the way the world views “concussions”. The terms of the Settlement Agreement compensate former players who have been diagnosed with mild to severe dementia; Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s, ALS and in some instances, Chronic Traumatic¬†Encephalopathy (CTE).


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