Civil Litigation

“Our civil litigation practice concentrates on maximizing financial awards for our clients”

“Our civil rights and constitutional violation practice focuses on holding those persons accountable, financially and legally, who violate the Constitution and the law. 

“Our criminal defense practice concentrates on vigorously defending those persons who are wrongfully charged and protecting their civil and constitutional rights” while focusing on their freedom.

Craig Mitnick



Mitnick Law is focusing on understanding, identifying and pursuing actions for individual right of privacy violations, civil rights violations and Constitutional violations, including wrongful detentions, improper searches, seizures and arrests.  These violations are increasing at an exponential rate as law enforcement efforts are becoming enhanced through improper aggressive policing and unconstitutional policing. Law Enforcement agencies are increasingly striping many motorists of their protected constitutional rights.

There is a growing need to hold accountable those law enforcement officers and entities that falsify reports and engage in improper policing in violation of the United States Constitutional and state Constitutions.

often times, individuals maintain that law enforcement officers or agencies  engage in  policies and practices of unlawful policing that violate the United States Constitution, the Constitution of a specific state, and the laws of the federal government and respective state. All citizens of the United States should be afforded the constitutional right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable stops, searches and arrests. The improper policing practices engaged in by many local and state law enforcement agencies deprive those stopped, searched or arrested of these essential constitutional protections.

The practice of unconstitutional policing is undoubtedly driven by systematic defects in the policies, practices, training and supervision of many law enforcement agencies. Rouge police officers who routinely engage in improper tactics, disregard any commitment to constitutional policing and we hold each of them accountable for statutory violations and loss of one’s constitutional rights.


The purpose of mass tort litigation is to give the average hard working person the ability to hold accountable large corporations and private entities who engage in wrongdoings that in turn cause them personal harm. Mitnick Law is of the strong belief that individuals, companies and organizations that put profit before safety and/or privacy must be held accountable.

In instances where more than one person is injured by the same civil defendant, we work hard to bring together hundreds and sometimes thousands of individuals who are injured and place them into a single lawsuit, allows for a better chance of success by creating more momentum and credibility than otherwise would exist in any individual lawsuit.



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