I consider any experience with an attorney as generally unpleasant by nature. When you need to speak to an attorney, its typically a situation that you can’t handle yourself and that can be very unsettling for most people including myself, however the Mitnick Law Office has been an exception to this rule right from the start. From day 1, I was assured that everything would work out and it did. Communication from the staff was timely and professional and Mr. Mitnick went above and beyond to make sure I was making informed decisions and notified me of changes / updates to my case every step of the way. If you find yourself needing an attorney for whatever reason, do yourself a favor and call the Mitnick Law Office.


Zach R.

Craig Mitnick….the very best of the best as far as attorneys go. He is the ultimate stalwart for all professional athletes who suffer so terribly from the very real complications brought on by sports related concussions. Mr. Mitnick brawls like an angry lion in the courtroom. Fights for the common rights of those players and their families who suffer from the horrific and sometimes deadly effects caused by sports related concussions. This is the kind of professional that many of us feel simply no longer exist. That one that truly listens…truly fights hard..and truly cares for each and every client.

Mr. Mitnick is proof that there are still people out there who really do care on a personal level. He will settle for nothing less than the most favorable outcome for all his clients.

I wanted my Facebook friends to have this name in their contact list. At some point in our lives, we all end up consulting with an attorney for one reason. Or another. I want you all to see the best of the best. You will not find better representation. My word is on this man and his many achievements in the field of law.
Stay tuned with the NFL litigation.



Lindsay S.

“I am a retired football player who played over 10 years in the National Football League. I decided to join others in filing a suit against the NFL for concussion related injuries and because I wanted the League to be held accountable for their actions or inactions. I personally spoke with several of the attorneys who were representing players and ultimately chose Craig Mitnick and his firm to represent me. I didn’t hire him because he represented 1000 players or so, it was because I found him to be extremely knowable likeable, and true. I could easily talk to him and felt totally comfortable. As time went on all of my initial feelings about him, both as a lawyer and as a person were proven to be right. He is a true gentleman and a true professional all the way around”.

Eric A.

“Craig Mitnick has shown himself to be a visionary and dedicated professional attuned to the needs of the public. He embodies the ability to be sensitive to the needs of the changing world and creative in the solutions to problems he proposes. His life experiences have provided him with an innate sense of hard work and dedication to the goals he undertakes which leaves no stone unturned to ensure success for each individual or company he represents.
His deep sense of commitment to his goals is expressed by the enthusiasm he displays during public and private speaking engagements and leadership roles. It is a pleasure to endorse Craig as a friend and professional associate.”
Tom S., Homeland Security



“Craig Mitnick has to be one of the most dedicated and skilled attorneys that I have ever met. We had a complicated legal situation that required an attorney who was experienced in the courtroom and who was not only book smart. We met with multiple lawyers, all of whom gave similar answers to our questions and all seemed very experienced and competent. And then we met with Craig Mitnick. He was passionate, bright, experienced and he proved himself to be the most thorough and knowledgeable lawyer that anyone in my family had encountered. His actions speak as loud as his words, and you don’t find that often, especially with attorneys. Thank you Craig Mitnick”.
Regina I.


“Craig Mitnick is that remarkable combination of businessman, on-camera personality and legal expert with substantial experience as a prosecutor that’s very hard to match. To call Craig larger than life is an understatement: While an inspiring leader with a big heart who is capable of tirelessly working for the greater good at the price of occasionally neglecting his own personal needs, Craig revs up to maximum speed when he is in a public environment such as a courtroom. Rarely have I seen anyone who was not running for or already holding office captivate a room full of people so effectively with a compelling mixture of anecdotes, warm-hearted banter and pointed knowledge of the facts and law. Without the aid of notes one might add …
Thomas R, GerberRigler; Film and Television, Los Angeles


“Craig Mitnick is the only attorney I actually feel confident referring anyone to because he manages to exceed my expectations each and every time. Three independent clients whom Craig had represented in various lawsuits and legal matters, each referred Mitnick Law Office and Craig Mitnick to me. They couldn’t have been happier with his results, as well as with him personally. I chose to have Craig represent me when I was in need of a trial attorney. I am so grateful to have had Craig recommended to me because of how he has counseled me in a way that I don’t believe any other attorney could have. His devotion to me and to every other client that I know truly makes him superior to other attorneys and his intellect far exceeds that of any other attorney or lawyer I have ever dealt with.”
William M.


“Craig Mitnick is exceptional. I do not offer this accolade lightly. I have had ample opportunity to observe his legal and trial abilities and to develop a lasting respect for him both as an attorney and as an individual. Academically, Craig is a quality attorney. He is analytic, astute, and meticulous in his work. Both his oral and writing skills are excellent. He is creative and imaginative in problem solving and is well organized in his approach to legal matters. His trial abilities are unmatched. As a person Craig possesses the charisma of a leader. He is sincere, congenial, and loyal. He functions well sociologically among his peers and with his adversities. He responds well not only to suggestion but also to constructive criticism. His weakness may be a quest for perfection which sometimes leads to frustration.”
Myles B, The Warton School, University of Pennsylvania


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